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Water & Wine Assembly of Christians

Celebrating in Moncton, New Brunswick - The Hub of the Maritimes

Water & Wine is an assembly of followers of Jesus in Moncton New Brunswick, who share a zest for celebration and a hunger for God's presence.

All are welcome. Our congregation includes members from our First Nations, those with an Acadian heritage, as well as English speaking members.

Because God's presence is so essential, our first priority is to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming to Him.



Mailing Address:

Water & Wine Assembly
95 Massey Ave.
Moncton, NB
E1A 3E3

phone: (506) 386-7468

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For directions to our Church, 
Please Click here.

Church Hours:

The Sunday Service begins at 2pm (10am during the summer) and the length of the service varies, however the gatherings tend to run approximately 2.5 hrs.


If you would like to be updated on special events and out-reach being done at Water & Wine Assembly, please request to be added on to our email advisory list by clicking here.



Verse of the Day



Senior Spiritual Leaders:

David and Marilyn Britton


Associate Pastors:

Dan and Sue Britton


Ministry Assistant:

Solomon Pitre

Water and Wine Assembly's Meeting Location: 

We will be meeting at our church building at 95 Massey Ave, Sunday's at 2pm.

Directions to the church can be found here.



Click here to access the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan, recommended by Pastor Dave for daily Bible readings.

Observations and comments are posted on Water and Wine’s
Facebook page.



For a drive to our Sunday church meeting, phone 386-7468 and leave a message before 8 am on Sunday.




Intercessory Prayer Schedule

Here is the schedule for Intercessory prayer and The Hiding Place.

Oct./Nov Intercession schedule:

Mondays at 5:45am in prayer room
Fridays at 12 noon in prayer room
Monday, Nov. 24th- 7-9pm in prayer room

The Hiding Place:

Saturdays at 5-7am - worship and intercession for repentance
Saturdays at 7-9am - worship and intercession for deeper intimacy with God

*There may be more times added to the Hiding Place, which will be posted on the website.


Sunday, Oct. 26 Service

This is a notice to inform all interested that our Sunday service on Oct. 26th, 2014 will be at 10am.  We will be joining with Agape House to hear Anne Grant speak.


Upcoming Events at Water and Wine

Here are our upcoming events:



Out With the Old


Out With the Old Schedule- Fall 2014
*Each meeting will include teaching and small groups for prayer ministry. 
*Start time: 7pm
*Cost: Free (there will be an offering taken each week to help with baby-sitting costs)
*Purpose: To help those who are wanting healing of the heart, to give tools for identifying bitterness and destructive ways of reacting in relationships, and to lead people through the Biblical process of forgiveness.
Thursday, September 18- Biblical Basis
Thursday September 25- no class
Thursday, October 2 – Bitter Roots
Thursday October 9 – Basic Trust
Thursday October 16 – Accomplishing Forgiveness
Thursday October 23 – Performance Orientation
Thursday October 30 – Identifications of Love
Thursday November 6- Parental Inversion
Thursday November 13 – Spiritual Rebellion
Thursday November 20 – class cancelled...Loren Sandford will be here for special meetings :)
Thursday November 27 – Burden Bearing
Thursday December 4 – Heart of Stone/Slumbering Spirit
Thursday December 11 – Celebration night!

For more information on this class offered at Water & Wine Assembly, contact Blake or Amy Dawson
at 382-7985 or email us at