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Water & Wine Assembly of Christians

Celebrating in Moncton, New Brunswick - The Hub of the Maritimes

Water & Wine is an assembly of followers of Jesus in Moncton New Brunswick, who share a zest for celebration and a hunger for God's presence.

All are welcome. Our congregation includes members from our First Nations, those with an Acadian heritage, as well as English speaking members.

Because God's presence is so essential, our first priority is to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming to Him.



Mailing Address:

Water & Wine Assembly
95 Massey Ave.
Moncton, NB
E1A 3E3

phone: (506) 386-7468

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For directions to our Church, 
Please Click here.

Church Hours:

The Sunday Service begins at 2pm and the length of the service varies, however the gatherings tend to run approximately 2.5 hrs.


If you would like to be updated on special events and out-reach being done at Water & Wine Assembly, please request to be added on to our email advisory list by clicking here.



Verse of the Day



Senior Spiritual Leaders:

David and Marilyn Britton


Associate Pastors:

Dan and Sue Britton


Ministry Assistant:

Solomon Pitre

Water and Wine Assembly's Meeting Location: 

We will be meeting at our church building at 95 Massey Ave, Sunday's at 2pm.
Directions to the church can be found here.


Map of our Home Group locations



Click here to access the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan, recommended by Pastor Dave for daily Bible readings.

Observations and comments are posted on Water and Wine’s
Facebook page.



For a drive to our Sunday church meeting, phone 386-7468 and leave a message before 8 am on Sunday.




Easter 2014 Banquet

Water and Wine is having their Annual Easter Banquet Sunday April 20, 2014 at 2:00pm.

Below is the sign-up sheet, to sign up contact Bev Greene, or Pastor Dave.

   1  2  3  4
 2-3 Turkeys & Gravy        
2-3 Ham  David Britton  Jennifer Greene    
 Dressing - 3        
 Mashed Potatoes 60 lbs  Andrew Britton - 20lbs      
 Corn - 8 Pkg's  Susan - 4 pkgs      
 Peas - 8 Pkg's  Andrew Britton - 2 Pkg's      
 Carrots 50 lbs  5lbs - Jennifer Greene  5lbs - Amy Dawson  10lbs - Mary  
 Rolls - 11 Dozen        
 Dill & Mustard Pickles        
 Pop / Juice Juice - Amy Dawson  4 Pop - Mary    
 Pies - 12        
 Cookies 6 Doz  2 Doz - ?      
 Squares 6 Doz  Amy Dawson      





Course on the Bible


Course on the Bible
Taught by Blake Dawson – Thursday evenings at 7pm, beginning March 6
In second floor Classroom
Bible Class Syllabus
The initial plan is to have 20 to 25 minutes of teaching, followed by some questions and discussion. The time limit will be enforced so that I may have to continue with a subject the next week if some points aren’t hit. I also plan on having a way to keep track of questions that I need to research and find answers for the next week, or to use as launching points for later subjects.
One possibility is to have the audio of the class recorded and put online as a podcast. In that case I would create an email address for people to ask questions as well.
1)How do you read your Bible?
a)I will be presenting a revised and amplified version of Mark Driscoll’s “7 Key Principles for Interpreting the Bible”
i)Dependence on Holy Spirit
(1)John 14:26, II Peter 1:20-21, James 1:5, Proverbs 20:27, Isaiah 11:2
ii)Importance of Truth
(1)Emphasis on why we believe the Bible is the Truth.
(2)Contrast the Bible’s objective absolute Truth with the world’s subjective worldview.
iii)Importance of Context
(1)What is context and why is context important?
(2)Cultural setting
(3)Immediate context of the entire passage
(4)Brief examination of genres such as Epistles, Apocalyptic Literature, Gospels, etc.
(5)Figurative vs Literal passages
iv)The Bible Interprets Itself
(1)The Unity of Scripture
(2)Topical study of Scripture – letting the whole Bible comment on a subject or verse
(3)Example of John 1:1 and John 1:14.
(1)Drawing directly from the text rather than reading into it our own view
vi)The Bible is Clear
(1)The authors wanted the reader to understand the essential message
(2)Mysteries exist due to our immaturity, not Scripture’s inherent complexity
(3)See previous points as to how obscure passages can become more clear
vii)How to Handle Different Interpretations
(1)Secondary vs Essential Doctrines
(2)Examine tradition and get wise counsel
(a)Never interpret Scripture in a vacuum
(3)Handle disagreements with love
The aim is not to have a course on hermeneutics, but it seemed a logical place to start. I will review the students questions and interests once these subjects are covered, as well as covering discussion subjects throughout the course.



Alpha Marriage Course

Water and Wine Assembly of Christians will be hosting a 7 Week Alpha Marriage Course led by Dan and Sue Britton. A Candlelite 3 course Dinner will be served. Each session shares tools to improve your Marriage Relationship.

Location: 95 Massey Ave - W&W Assembly
           Sessions begin
April 24,2014  6pm
  • Registration Fee $20 / Couple (Due with Registration)
  • Cost $20 / Couple / Evening ( Payment due April 17th, options available)
  • 2 Workbooks ($7.50 each) (Due by 1st Session)

For more information and to register click here